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First it was all about the Lady Dior and now, there is something standing next to it. The Diorissimo tote has become raving popular since its first launch in 2012 and as expected, Dior took the opportunity at its fullest and made more variation for theDiorissimo line.

Meet your evening bag, yes it’s small and compact, yet qualified to store all your tiny essentials. The combination of two, the exquisite smooth calfskin leather meets the craftsmanship of Dior is a powerful blend. And the result?

No other than this wallet with chain, combined with a look full of charm and character than can lift the spirit of any woman. Carry it through the night, turn it into a clutch whenever you feel, an ideal bag for any luxury outfit.

The toxic purple and hot pink takes your worries away, it has passed the fashion security test, miles away from faux pas. Or for to enhance your summer feelings, take the rouge vif and sunshine orange.

Remove the chain to carry it by hand, the Diorissimo has a signature charm attached on the left. That piece only is impressive. The interior is enriched with one zipped pocket, one gusset compartment, two flat pockets and twelve card slots to structure your items like you would in your closet.



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I do not know if you’ve heard about the Secret Garden of Dior, it’s been said to be one of the most beautiful places on this planet. Flower is at the heart of Dior as Christian once quoted: ‘After women, flowers are the most divine creations.’

That’s why the Lady Dior Wallet printed with White Cosmos Flower represents everything about this brand. It’s not just the wallet, and it’s certainly not only the craftsmanship, the uniqueness lies in the timeless work of art, from the Lady Dior Collection that’s imbued with the couture spirit of Dior.


Diorissimo Pink Alstroemeria Flower Wallet


Diorissimo White Cosmos Flower Wallet

Having this wallet is like holding a piece of Dior, the ‘Rendez-vous wallet’ comes in two styles with each two variations. The Diorissimo Wallet does not need any introduction, you can either choose white in pink alstroemeria flowers and pink in white/black cosmos flowers. Measuring 19.5 x 10 cm.


Lady Dior Blue Rose Chain Wallet


Lady Dior White Cosmos Chain Wallet

The Lady Dior Wallet comes with a short chain, it’s also refined with the iconic D.I.O.R charm. The colors available are black in blue rose and black in white cosmos flowers. Measuring 19.5 x 10 cm, with chain of 35 cm, priced at £730 GBP and €780 euro’s.

These wallets are from the Fall Winter 2014 Collection, blossom your style when the trees are naked and the sky turns grey. Exclusive available at Lady Dior boutique.


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You know something is popular or is becoming popular when you start noticing them everywhere in your life. Remember Apple’s products like the iPods and iPhones?

Well, the Diorissimo must be one of the most favorite collections ever made. What do I mean by that? Let’s do a quick re-cap, shall we?

The Diorissimo Collection was launched under Dior’s spring 2012 Collection, it consisted only the ‘medium tote’. But before that, we only knew how to crave for the Lady Dior Bag or the Miss Dior Bag.

Then not long after, it went from the medium size tote to the small size tote. The collection followed with the ‘Diorissimo Chain Wallet Bag’, which we’ve featured yesterday.

Now get ready, because Dior is going to introduce something much more amazing, it will make your heart beat faster and eyes turn bigger, it’s the brand-new Diorissimo flap bag.

And maybe you have already seen it coming because we dropped a sneak peek a few weeks ago. It was the Diorissimo Flap Bag in white croco leather. Check out the Dior Cruise 2015 Bag Collection if you haven’t viewed yet.

One thing I am certain, you will love the brand-new colors. They are in white, black, croco yellow and red. It’s simple, streamlined and so pure, every element is imbued with the couture spirit of Dior. It’s the ultra feminine tote that you will love to carry in casual styles and even at work. The D.I.O.R. charm dominates the appearance and it’s beautifully crafted on the handle.

More information and details will be shared later on. This bag is from the Fall Winter 2014 Collection, be patient because it hasn’t been launched yet.





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Dior Small Diorissimo

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dior_small-diorissimoTwice as beautiful is what you could call this particular Diorissimo, since small is beautiful (and this is tiny), coupled with the fact that this style is already a beauty in her own right. Simply known as the Small Diorissimo, it measures a wee 22.5 cm across by 16.5 cm, the perfect size for carrying nothing on any given day. Which is exactly the type of bag you’ll need in your wardrobe that lets you be carefree and frivolous on weekends, away from your overloaded laptop bag or bulging tote, for some fun ‘me’ time.

Carry the smooth calfskin bag in your hand, or over the shoulder by way of its long shoulder sling, with the barest of essentials required for window shopping or cafe hopping the latest joints with your friends. Away from the grind of never-ending work. But you’ll have to wait till Saturday for that. And today’s Monday. My bad.

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Diorissimo bag is like an icing on top of a sweet and delicious cupcake. It has dominated the fashion world in a canonball of passion that all bag lovers considered it as one of Dior’s cream of the crop.

A well-loved and coveted Dior handbag line, the Diorissimo has come up with its newest Flat Zipped Pouch with Chain. If you’ll remember, we have featured the same bag here: Diorissimo Flat Zipped Pouch with Chain details, but this time around, we’re giving you an updated and closer look of this lovely Diorissimo creation.

The style is quite plain and simple but you got to give Dior its well-deserved credit for its choice of colors. This feminine and ultra girly color combination of light pink and maroon is such a sight to behold! Built with the finest bull calf leather, you can wear this Diorissimo baby cross body as it has chains, as a clutch or as an evening pouch. It can transform into any bag in an instant.

Measuring 23.5 x 14.5 cm and the chain is 120 cm, priced at €600 euro or £480 GBP via Dior boutique.

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It was unexpected and we couldn’t belief it. But its one hundred percent true. Those that are yearning for the Diorissimo Bag other than in calf leather, well… your dream just came true.

There is a small difference between handbags in suede and calf leather, we’re talking about how they’re made. If you look closely to the Diorissimo Suede Bag, you will spot the details like the stitches on the edges around the bag.

Other than that, everything stays the same, including the prices.

But what’s also intriguing is that the DIOR charm on this bag is also covered in suede, can you see that?

For those that are interested, the size is medium and is measured 32 x 23 x 11 cm, the price is the same as the leather edition: €3400 euro via Dior boutique.

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