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Roberto Cavalli Dea Clutch

Roberto Cavalli is not a designer that I normally think of when I think of handbags. That being said, Roberto Cavalli does make handbags and sometimes they do seem to jump out at you. Perhaps they are a reflection of his ready-to-wear pieces which are larger than life. I mean, look at those bold, in your face prints! So I suppose it should come as no surprise to find a Roberto Cavalli handbag that looks like this. Introducing the Roberto Cavalli Dea Ostrich Feather and Silk Bag!

No, these bags are not Muppet movie rejects. They are actually tiny pouch bags covered in larger than life ostrich features. Important to note, these bags are actually MUCH smaller than they appear. Measurements: 7.5″ height x 6.7″ width x 2.4″ depth. All kidding aside though, I have to admit that these bags are definitely attention grabbers. After all, it is difficult to ignore bright blue or canary yellow feathers. But this bag also comes in black, which almost has a Victorian era vibe to it. I also like the silver top, which somewhat resembles a lid of sorts, and the Swarovski crystal trim. If you’re interested in statement, rather than function, this bag would make an interesting addition to an evening look.

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