Check Out 55 Céline Wallets, WOCs, Pouches, Card Cases and Other Small Leather Goods from Spring 2017

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Louis Vuitton S/S17 Petite Malle iPhone Cases

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Sure there were bags galore that came down the runway during Louis Vuitton’sSpring-Summer 2017 presentation in Paris held just yesterday. Some old, some new and if I might add now, some that are really pretty as well. But the one thing that enthralled everyone at the show and on social media has got to be these: Petite Malle iPhone cases that will come in most every colour under the sun by way of the exotic options, as well as others that come in the luxury house’s iconic monogram, from regular Monogram Canvas with black trim to the new Reverse Monogram. There’s even one in Black and White, which is love.

No word yet on their exact release dates or if they will come in iPhone7/iPhone7Plussizes, but I’m keeping my fingers (and toes) so crossed on this. One more thing before I sign off, you see the dangling luggage tag that hangs from each case? Look closely and you’ll see earbuds as well, which is a pretty swish way of storing them when they are not in use.

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A luxurious tweed case? Have you seen one? You think it’s not possible at all? Well, take a look at this Chanel Tweed Case and you will definitely think that everything’s possible with Chanel.

Made from tweed, lambskin and silver metal hardware, this Chanel Tweed Case is the next best thing to own aside from their classic flap bags. Take it inside your bag and stash your essentials such as your powder, lipstick, mascara and you’re good to go.


And oh, did we mention already that it comes in the stylish black color? (or other colors, but check with the boutiques). As you can see, it still sports that diamond effect that Chanel is known for. Take a look at the back and you’ll see that it still offers the thick diamond quilting we’ve come to love. Oh, some things just never get old for us!

Chanel Small Tweed Cases (lambskin on the back)
Style code: A82529
Size: 7.9′ x 10.8′ x 0.4′ inches
Price: $775 USD, €750 euro, £630 GBP, $1200 SGD, $6300 HKD, $1170 AUD, ¥100440 JPY

Chanel Tweed Cases (lambskin on the back)
Style code: A82530
Size: 9.4′ x 13.8′ x 0.5′ inches
Price: $925 USD, €890 euro, £750 GBP, $1420 SGD, $7500 HKD, $1380 AUD, ¥119880 JPY

Chanel Small Tweed Cases (part calfskin)
Style code: A81120
Size: 7.9′ x 10.8′ x 0.4′ inches
Price: $675 USD, €660 euro, £560 GBP, $1050 SGD, $5500 HKD, $1030 AUD, ¥89640 JPY




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Are you looking for uber cute, colorful and bright cases to brighten up your ensembles? Well well, you might want to take a look at these Hermes Canvas Flat Cases that stole our hearts in an instant.

Minimalist in design yet sleek and ever fashion-forward, these Canvas Flat Cases from Hermes are a definite must-haves. They look oh too girly and will absolutely bring back those flirty teenage years back! These cases are made from 100% cotton and come in several colors to choose from, including: fuchsia, fire orange, and sun.

These cases come in duo, one in a smaller size of 8.3” x 11.4” inches while the larger one comes in 10.2” x 14.2” inches. They are priced at $390 USD via Hermes e-store or boutiques. Yes, two Canvas Flat Cases for the price of one.



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Admit it or not, most of us are heavily dependent on a pair of glasses – it’s not easy having four eyes, but it ain’t easier having bad vision! And since this is a necessity in our everyday lives, we should make sure that they are well-kept and secure. But hey, are you looking for a more stylish way to store your specs? We have just the trick – presenting, Chanel Glasses Cases! If you have to store your glasses somewhere, it should be in designer. No less, hun.

Made with only the finest lambskin, these cases are made for bragging – the luxe material on this thing is totally worth your while. It even comes with a long leather and chain strap which makes carrying a breeze. Stay fresh and fab by carrying one of these!

Measuring 7.8” x 3.9” x 1.4” inches, you can get your very own Chanel Glasses Cases for €1,375 EUR via Chanel boutique.





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Louis Vuitton iPhone6/iPhone6Plus Hard & Soft Cases

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louis_vuitton_iphone6-iphone6plus-hard-soft-casesBetter late than never is what I’d like to first say regarding these cases from Louis Vuitton, made specially for the iPhone6 and iPhone6Plus that are now also available in Singapore. Available in both Hardcase and Softcase variations (the hard ones are squarish, the soft one are rounded), there are also many options for your choosing as far as colour and design are concerned, from the ones in coated-canvas that come inDamier Ebene, Damier Graphite and the perpetual classic, Monogram Canvas.

And then there are the ones that come in leather, like the ones that come in supple perforated leather in both Damier and Monogram, as well as those that come simply with the logo printed on cowhide leather.

Priced between SGD450 and SGD610, they might be a hassle to use since you’ll actually need to remove the phone from the case to use it (and put it back in when you’re done) but if you’re clumsy, these will help especially if you have the habit of always dropping your phone. Because at the end of the day, these protective cases will still cost less than getting a new phone because the old one shattered when you dropped it. And I’ve heard many a horror story about that happening to many people.

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