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Say hello to the ‘Boy Brick’, it’s back and its hotter than ever.

It’s a limited edition from the Chanel Cruise 2017 Collection; the Chanel Boy Brick Bag has been modified to fit in this season’s theme – the front is designed with a large golden plate which looks like a belt. The city names ‘Paris’ and ‘Habana’ are printed on it in blue. The center is beautifully crafted with the CC signature, surrounded with little pearls.

And as you might already know, the Chanel Boy Brick Bag looks like a lego. It’s a squared clutch bag, made from Plexiglas.

The Chanel Havana By Night Boy Brick comes with a shoulder strap to wear cross body, but you can remove that anytime you want. The interior is made with one large compartment, it functions like a clutch bag and you can only carry your most important essentials.

Chanel Havana By Night Boy Brick Bag
Style code: A94643
Size: 5.1’ x 7.9’ x 2.4’ inches
Prices: $10700 USD, €9900 euro, £9280 GBP, $15590 SGD, $81100 HKD, $15180 AUD, ¥1265760 JPY








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Remember the Boy Brick Bag? The flagrantly expensive shoulder bag, inspired by Lego and worn by the most famous celebrities?

Well, the bag is back.

For those that have missed the opportunity, now it is the chance to get one for your wardrobe. The Chanel Boy Brick Bag is a rare design – unique and timeless.

Let’s brag more about it…

The size is comparable to the mini bag. The beauty about the Chanel Boy Brick Bag is in the design. You see, on the front there are six bricks (now you know why its called the boy brick) decorated and beautified with an extremely large vintage CC logo on the front.

The chains are large enough to wear on your shoulder or cross body. For this season, Chanel has added a new print – the seamless Greek Print, which is the black pattern in the center of the bag.

The nice texture and the combination color of black and gold makes this accessory an everyday item and easy to wear from day to night, even from Spring to the Winter season. Measuring 4.7’ x 5.9’ x 2.4’ inches, priced at 3250 euro (and expected price of around $4300 USD), available via Chanel boutique.

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It’s true, they are back – the Chanel Boy Brick Bag Collection. Last year, the Pearl Boy Brick Clutch Bag was retailing for $14,000 USD (translated to euro: €9450). And oh boy they were famous…despite of the insane prices.

Now today we are going to introduce something new, something that will lift your eyebrows and perhaps drop your jaw. It’s the Chanel Boy Brick Tote Bag.

From a clutch to a tote… we do not have much information other than…a beautiful picture. It’s lovely, isn’t it? The latest Boy Brick Tote Bag features a handle and it’s crafted with quilted body. The front is a copy of the original Boy Brick Clutch Bag, it includes an oversized CC in the front, and brick stones on both sides.

The center is beautified with little studs.

But how should we put it, this bag is definitely something fresh, the quilted leather is ultra-chic while the front is a bit sophisticated. And if you love everything-boys, then why not give it a try. Ask your local boutique for more information.

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