20 Years of Jimmy Choo: See the Shoe Brand’s ‘Memento’ Collection

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Jimmy Choo Memento Crystalized Suede Strappy Sandals, Jimmy Choo Coarse Glitter Clutch and Halston Heritage Strapless Draped Gown

Jimmy Choo Memento Crystalized Suede Strappy Sandals, Jimmy Choo Coarse Glitter Clutch and Halston Heritage Strapless Draped Gown

One of fashion’s most iconic shoe and accessory labels, Jimmy Choo, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. To commemorate the special occasion, the brand has made a new collection called ‘Memento’ available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue. The glittering lineup features everything from disco chic platform sandals to metallic flats and an embellished clutch. These styles are timeless and perfect for a night of partying out.

Jimmy Choo Lame Glitter Ankle-Strap Flats

Jimmy Choo Lame Glitter Ankle-Strap FlatsJimmy Choo Memento Crystalized Suede Strappy Sandals

Jimmy Choo Memento Crystalized Suede Strappy SandalsJimmy Choo Metallic Leather Ankle-Wrap Sandals and Suede Roses Clutch

Jimmy Choo Metallic Leather Ankle-Wrap Sandals and Suede Roses ClutchJimmy Choo Glitter and Metallic Leather Platform Sandals, Jimmy Choo Embellished Silk-Blend Clutch and Antonio Berardi One-Shoulder Column Gown

Jimmy Choo Glitter and Metallic Leather Platform Sandals, Jimmy Choo Embellished Silk-Blend Clutch and Antonio Berardi One-Shoulder Column GownJimmy Choo Lasercut Suede Point-Toe Pumps

Jimmy Choo Lasercut Suede Point-Toe PumpsJimmy Choo Glitter and Leather T-Strap Sandals

Jimmy Choo Glitter and Leather T-Strap Sandals

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Watch Brand Uniform Wares Debuts First Women’s Collection

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Marland Bakus stars in Uniform Wares' spring 2016 campaignMarland Bakus stars in Uniform Wares’ spring 2016 campaign

London-based watch label Uniform Wares has unveiled its spring-summer 2016 campaign featuring its first women’s collection. Created by founders Patrick Bek and Oliver Fowles, the label now has 18 designs.

Photographed by Hart + Leshkina with styling by Jason Rider, the campaign juxtaposes images of model Marland Bakus with product shots. From dusty pink to moleskin grey and yellow gold, there is a variety of styles. Priced between $400 and $1000, the watches make for an elegant finishing touch to just about any outfit.

Watch label Uniform Wares is known for its minimal designs Watch label Uniform Wares is known for its minimal designsAn image from Uniform Wares' spring 2016 campaignAn image from Uniform Wares’ spring 2016 campaignUniform Wares unveils its first women's watch collection for spring 2016Uniform Wares unveils its first women’s watch collection for spring 2016Uniform Wares spring 2016 campaign features women's watchesUniform Wares spring 2016 campaign features women’s watches

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Internet Causes Brand Fatigue for Handbag Companies

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Many handbag retailers have been experiencing weak sales recently as consumers refuse to respond to “call-to-action” or take initiative to purchase new bags. So, why are handbag lovers unwilling to bite at even new styles? The problem is the overwhelming sense of ” same old, same old” in the seemingly “new” bags. In recent seasons, brands have experienced success by releasing the same silhouettes in different colors and keeping a consistent look, but this is no longer a working tactic. Consumers have grown weary of the monotony seen in recent bag trends and are no longer impressed with the status quo.

This dissatisfaction reflects a new direction in what consumers value in accessories. A few years ago, shoppers would stand in line forever to snag the latest “it” bag, shoe, or apparel just because of the hype, but the desire for the latest and greatest has significantly declined. As described by Robert Durke in a WWD article, there is now a sense of “consumer ennui towards fashion” as people seek practicality above a mark of status:

“Handbags have been a hot, call-to-action-type purchase, but now customers are looking for versatility and it’s resulted in very subtle trend and branding, which makes it less urgent to update your bag. What happens when retail is shaky is that customers go back and shop their closet and see what they have.”

With the shift towards the unidentifiable, “anti-it” bags , hot and popular handbags are not generating the same type of profit for companies anymore. Consumers are not only looking for more unique styles, but also longevity with the bags they already own.




Ubitiquous “It’ Bag – Chanel Classic Flap, Celine Luggage Tote, Louis Vuitton Speedy, Proenza Schouler PS1, Balenciaga City Bag, Valentino Rockstud Tote

The Technology Drawback

Even if shoppers do become intrigued by new styles, they often feel bored by new bags quickly because of overexposure and oversaturation. The internet and social media play huge factors in this boredom. Companies engage in huge media campaigns to create hype around their new accessories. Furthermore, lots of people showcase the same accessories on social media, and erode the novelty and freshness of new pieces. As quoted by Burke,

“Customers are looking at bags prior to delivery and are tired of it [by the time it gets to the store]. It tarnishes in some ways the impulse of a bag purchase.  Bags had a lot more longevity before the Internet. If you think of the Fendi Baguette bag, it had a very long run. The shelf life for bags today is extremely short because of their exposure online.”

I have personally experienced this phenomenon many times before. Instagram alone can visually satiate the appetite of hundreds of thousands at a single glance. Through instagram, we share one another’s experiences so vicariously, that it sometimes feels as though we have that “been there, done that” feeling without ever having made it to the store to actually see the bag. Recently on my search to find the perfect Boy Bag, I went back and forth about purchasing the highly sought after purple iridescent Boy from the Cruise collection. Although I can’t deny its beauty, I had seen it so many times and didn’t feel as compelled to purchase it in the end.

FullSizeRender 26

The Purple Boy from PurseBop’s Chanel Boy Bag Predicament


Celine Luggage Tote Advertisement


Prada Campaign

The question remains, how can companies respark interest?

The answer is newness, but this is easier said than done. Simply put, consumers are looking for something different, innovative, and personally stirring. One way to achieve this is with bag accessories, which allow consumers to add unique aspects to their bag without detracting from its true look and practical purpose. Fendi is a brand that has truly cornered this market. From brightly colored, novelty bags, to interchangeable straps, and giant, furry bag charms, the consumer has endless options to customize a bag to their preference. However, all the new possibilities to change the look for just one bag  keep consumers complacent with their collection. While the sales for bag accessories may rise, consumers still may not have the urge to update and buy a whole, new bag.

FullSizeRender 25

Fendi Peekaboo accessorized with Fendi bag charm and interchangeable  Fendi”Strap You” strap ~ @upcloseandstylish

FullSizeRender 29


FullSizeRender 30

Hermes Jyspiere with added Fendi “Strap You” Strap ~ @mrslulu3

FullSizeRender 27

FullSizeRender 28

Super Karlito Adorns PurseBop’s Mink Chanel Bag

In order to generate more handbag sales, companies will need to find ways to extend the shelf life and overall appeal of their bags. This may mean focusing on design for some brands or maintaining exclusivity with less flashy advertisement for others. Even with action from the brands themselves, social media from mass consumers can still propel some bags into overexposed territory. With our media obsessed world, overexposure and saturation might always be a challenge. However, overcoming weak sales and obstacles will require companies first and foremost to listen to the consumer desire for real change.

Where do you stand –  has “bag fatigue” set in for you at some point? or are you still loving the latest trends?

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Are Millennials Less Concerned About Handbag Brand Names?

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by Maura Carlin

A new report says millennials are lagging… in bagging purses. A study by the NPD Group in partnership with Stylistics finds that although handbag sales increased by 5% since 2014 in the United States, purchases by the 18-34 year olds rose only 2 percent. Baby boomers are picking up the slack and treating themselves to top shelf brand, it seems. Perhaps even impulsively.

Millennials, on the other hand, treat purse adoption with the careful, detailed analytic approach usually reserved for automobiles, rather than clothing.  NPD Group characterized the “handbag purchase journey” as “complex, rational and emotional.” As stated on Fashionista.com: “the shopping task starts more than a month in advance among 41% of millennials, and 61% of them start browsing for choices online first before pulling the plug on a final purchase.” This group also is more concerned with quality, details and style than brand names. In other words, move over Chanel… here comesMansur Gavriel.

Color me cynical, but surely the availability (or lack thereof) of disposable income plays a role. Isn’t this the generation having trouble making a living wage upon completion of its education and confronting astronomical debt on student loans? I haven’t seen the NPD Group report and don’t know whether these factors were considered – or whether the shopping pattern is a change from when boomers were 18-34 years old.

High end brands offer an aspirational lifestyle/look. Isn’t that supposed to be something to look forward to as you age? If you care. In my early 20s (confession, I am not a millennial), I could neither afford nor imagine shelling out for a Chanel classic flap, even though I admired chic Coco style. By my early 30s, I lusted after a Chanel suit… but couldn’t justify it before having children (and not knowing how my figure would change).


Millennials, whom are defined as those ages 18-34 in 2015, now number 75.4 million, surpassing the 74.9 million Baby Boomers (ages 51-69). And Generation X (ages 35-50 in 2015) is projected to pass the Boomers in population by 2028. Is spending really ‘age’ related or strictly ‘disposable income’ related? L to R @swedishandstylish @upcloseandstylish @bycamelia

Do you think Millennials are more cautious and less brand conscious? Or do they just have less disposable income? Will this change as they age? Let’s discuss in the conversation on BopTalk.

Love PurseBop





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One can use a lifetime package that you do not know the top luxury brand handed down

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Speaking of luxury brands, the domestic people seem to always Chanel, Dior or Gucci, Prada and the like, and then say the high point of Hermes. Of course, we have to admit that these brand awareness is very wide indeed big luxury, but if it comes to big-name only know these, but also somewhat superficial. In fact, there are many unknown: fortune earlier than LV, Biaimashi not buy, but still insist on pure hand, only a global luxury brand store handed down ……


[Analeena color of lead paint]
First is that Analeena
Word description: This is an advanced custom started by the famous French handbag brand, has been hailed as the “Rolls Royce” level of brand handbags, the biggest feature is the alligator, alligator and crocodile skin, almost all bags are crocodile Paper produced a brand.



[Bond] Analeena and Hermes
Analeena designer Lina Hamed who work in Hermes, Hermes was responsible for responsible for the procurement dedicated alligator, then served as chief designer Hermes bags. Brand also insisted crafted by handmade rare cortex, and therefore very little yield, owns this handbag also necessarily requires reservations, queuing, etc., the way they operate with Hermes much alike!



[Analeena and aristocratic lady]
Aristocratic lady Olivia is Analeena many fans in the quality, Olivia rarely will be back LV, PRADA PR system developed for a class, its doing very good big. Hands should only be Analeena special color custom models the chancellor laser series, adhere to the brand usual, the Italian prime real rare alligator + Italy’s most prestigious hand workshop production.


[Analeena and aristocratic lady]
Analeena biggest feature is that it can be said that the cortex is not excessive. When the touch leather, feel there is uneven feeling, cortex and delicate, smooth. Some dripping with skin test leather draft, after dripping darken, will air from a chemical reaction used for some time, the natural oxide becoming Analeena unique and elegant color. See Olivia hands only, it will evolve over time into a different color.


[Analeena and aristocratic lady]
In addition to the above two, as well as its family of aristocratic lady in many different handbags just above two are dynasty series.


[Analeena aristocratic Miss]
Speaking of ladies, here to mention that, “gossip girl” in the two Queen B & S also in the play carry over Analeena handbags, are Shopping and Kate cabas series.



[Moynat luggage List]
Come talk Moynat
Brand was founded in 1849, more than 1854 LV also started five years earlier. Although its popularity is not high, but who really is Hermes, Goyard sibling brand, the world’s only shop in Paris (2014). So rare, of course, always adhere to the bag all hand-sewn, reportedly the world’s only six master track each package produced by a master!



[LV & Moynat]
Just blindly adhere to the lack of handmade and leather craftsmen, resulting in the development process of the luxury goods Moynat very rough: From birth to the brilliant development, the final decline ending. Until 2011, it was acquired by LVMH Group.
Before we take a look at Talia products: Prior has not been acquired, Talia was often the twin sisters. ↑ Whether the LV Monogramme Moynat of land or a letter M alphabet pattern, are strikingly similar to the pattern layout style retro nostalgia route.



[Moynat in 1869's]
Moynat in 1869 opened its first flagship store, very popular at that time ladies welcome, see hovering in front of the store wearing European-style skirt lady who. And this old photo was printed in the CABAS 1849 do open handbag lining, ah, LV neverfull just for the simple vertical stripes only.



Moynat Seiko in suitcase, even in the LV
Do not look now the stars are traveling to the airport will take LV series, but not necessarily above the LV in the retro suitcase than too Moynat. The figure is Moynat tie box and a story about the era of black and white newspaper Moynat of.




[Moynat until now still insist on handmade]
Although in March 2010 was acquired by Bernard Arnault LVMH president, Moynat also still insist handmade, a craftsman making a handbag instead of the sub-parts assembly line production. The LV after its acquisition Moynat also very respectful of this idea, adopted a “no advertising, no stars, no it bag” of the strategy, at the same time, after the firm made a month to pick up, you have to push it with Hermes Gallants look.


Moynat official website that into the pages, very playful, the 348 is its store location number plate.



[Moynat RÉJANE]
After being acquired LV, brand quickly face-lift, in addition to a lot of new, fame between European nobles and ladies. Russian first lady known group A: (Miroslava Duma) ↑, while Harper’s BaZAar any fashion editor of the Russian edition of her, when the revival of the brand has not yet had the only phase is now very fire RÉJANE handbag.



[Moynat PAULINE]
In addition to the above breakout elegant take charge beyond the arc, Moynat also figure out this new elongated single-handle handbags, but also a smash hit.



[Moynat CABOTIN]
This style is flat and long, is this year’s main Moynat, kinda people back.



[Moynat and car class]
If Hermes started to harness, so development is inseparable from the car Moynat of classes. First bike, especially not in the turbine’s popularity, the bicycle is the main means of transport when, Moynat the bike box is one of the most sought after aristocratic plaything was.



[Moynat and car class]
Then the steam train era, the train ride from no smell at that time is a luxury that, while Moynat is known as the same level of luxury with the train, then see the posters: Trains de Luxe, translation It is a luxury train.



[List] Delvaux handbags]
Finally talk Delvaux
Word description:! Oldest luxury leather goods brand Delvaux started was founded in 1829, Biaimashi eight years earlier, as early as 20 years, a full 80 years earlier than the CHANEL than Moynat ……



[Delvaux Japanese flagship store]
Delvaux and the first two brands, do not take the public relations course, extremely low-key. China is the only one store in Beijing Sanlitun IT.



[Delvaux centuries]
And most of the century-old brand, like leather, Delvaux also to craftsmanship and luxury materials known, has more than two hundred craftsmen skill of craftsmanship, each package shall also spend a lot of time to produce, boutique series also each produce only 3-5, up to more than 20. Each purses are shipped with a hand-craftsmen whose names are marked with a small card.



[Delvaux with the royal family of Belgium]
For centuries the Belgian royal Delvaux are special offerings that are truly top luxury amenities, in Belgium, in Europe has a high status. Former King Albert II and Queen Paola (above), the queen wearing a la Paul “Mon Grand Bonheur” handbags, Delvaux in 1959 is a tribute to their creative marriage.



[Delvaux and Carmen Dell orefice]
This year the brand also invited the longest standby time Carmen Dell orefice to shoot commercials for the brand, this year has been 85-year-old supermodel either temperament or experience related to Delvaux very consistent.



[Delvaux publicity pictures]
However Delvaux publicity pictures do not blindly emphasized a long history, and some small fresh style!



[Delvaux Le Madame]
“Le Madam” is Delvaux constantly enrich the product line in the rookie, rectangular bag body coupled with contrasting details, which inspired handbags 1977 a product called “Le Marronnier” of. Although it is one of the latest models Delvaux, “Le Madame” had won the Sarah Jessica Parker, Alexa Chung and Sienna Miller star favored such a public.



[Delvaux Le Madame]
“Le Madame” At first glance the look is actually quite simple, in fact, both sensual and confident, giving a hint of cynicism and a grid of other trees charm. Its hearty lines and lively image, led to a number of unique combinations: can be different colors, shapes and types of leather mix, with a surprising effect, maximize their luxurious style.



[Delvaux Le Madame]
“Le Madame” is relatively young Delvaux series, Olivia has had a lot of public start only. Only handbags in Taiwan it is also called “stewardess package.”


[Delvaux Le Tempête]
Aristocratic lady once memorized in two different colors, Jun Ji-hyun has lived back in the black models.



[Delvaux Le Brillant]
Le Brillant is regarded as one of the most famous styles Delvaux, made from leather and gold-plated brass fittings featured 64 different shapes, Riri hand which was written in English in the black this year’s latest series.



[Delvaux Le Brillant]
Brillant as it asked the same: talented. Without formality, with the fashion seasons and bold innovation, such as fully transparent models or mini mini size package prevalent when you are looking up!

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Introducing the Brand New Bottega Veneta Bucket Bag

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Bottega Veneta Bucket BagA sure fire way to make me feel like I’ve been doing this for a really long time, is realizing that my first Bottega Veneta bag I bought after I started PurseBlog was in 2007 on a trip to Venice, Italy. Another way to realize we’ve grown a lot is checking out the pictures we took of that bag – those few pics were taken by Vlad and I think we can all agree his photography has also evolved quite a bit!

When I started PurseBlog, I really started delving into handbags and researching brands to learn more. I immediately fell for Bottega Veneta and the brands beautifully made products. I loved the meticulous attention to detail, the intrecciato and the beyond divine leather that’s used. I’ve been a part of not one but two special orders (here and here) and always had a very special place in my heart for the brand.

I think it’s easy to sometimes get lured away from the classics into the what’s new and trendy, but I never want to forget Bottega Veneta. A couple weeks ago, Bottega Veneta launched a new shape for the house, the Bottega Veneta Bucket Bag. Tomas Maier designed this bag with intrecciato nappa leather which is finished with smooth leather drawstrings with metal loops and chain. The bag is rather slender though the interior has plenty of space with smartphone and zip pockets and is lined in suede. Just like most bags that I love, this bag comes with an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap along with the double handles which allows for cross-body or over the shoulder wear. The Bucket Bag is available in Nero (black), Pacific (deep blue), Vesuvio (orange), and Peony (pink).The price on this bag is really reasonable especially for the quality that Bottega Veneta provides – $3,550 via Bottega Veneta and the Madison Avenue Bottega Veneta store.

Bottega Veneta Bucket Bags

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