Hermès Imprévisible & Iona Bracelets

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hermes_imprevisible-iona-braceletsYou could say I’m biased, but I haven’t seen many bracelets from Hermès I didn’t like, and with these two new offerings, you could say how I feel about them in general remains status quo. Known as the Hermès Imprévisible (top) & Hermès Iona(bottom two) respectively, one’s a thick leather cuff topped with a palladium-plated clasp that’s decorated with the house’s signature Medor, otherwise simply known as the pyramid studs.

The Iona, on the other hand, is all leather with a tiny ball stud clasp, in a cut-out motif that’s a familiar sight at the French house. Priced at EUR650 for the Imprévisible andEUR238 for the Iona, you’ll hopefully be seeing these unisex bracelets in a variety of colours and sizes at a boutique near you soon enough. Before they’re all sold out, of course, which shouldn’t take so long given how gorgeous they are. I did say I was biased in the beginning, right?

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