Chanel Makes the Most Luxurious Beach Bag and Towel Set Ever

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The very wealthy are both just like us mortals and not like us at all. They’re like us in that they want to have cute stuff to take to the pool with their friends or on their next beach vacation, but they are not like us in that their next terrycloth beach set might be from Chanel.


The beauty of Chanel’s size is that it can afford to manufacture the kind of fun, idiosyncratic, small-audience pieces that would put a financial strain on a smaller brand. That frees Karl Lagerfeld up to get a little bit funny, and he’s done it with everything from ping pong paddles to surf boards, which fashion obsessives are known to use as home decor. In this case, he’s taking his talents to the beach.

The set, which is part of the brand’s Metiers d’Art 2016 Paris in Rome collection and in stores now, will set you back $1,650 for the towel and tote together. The pair are made of cotton terrycloth patterned to look like classic Chanel tweed, and the material and color variation mean that they’d actually make a pretty functional pool set if you wanted to use them for their intended purpose. If you’re gonna drop the money, you’ll probably end up leaving them safe in your fabulous cabana, though.

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You got the right bikini, you got your favorite slippers on and you got the sun on your side, but do you have the right tote next to you?

What’s a better time to let you know about the best beach bag that we can find for 2014. It’s either the Louis Vuitton Articles de Voyage Canvas Bag or this Hermes Finish Beach Bag.

If we do not think about the Birkin or Kelly, we will start noticing that Hermes love to blend fashion with art. Each graphic print is blessed with their own unique name like Izmir Blue or Coup de Fouet, oh how elegant that sounds!

The new Hermes Finish Beach Bag is basically a tote made from raw cotton. The print is kind-of classic because it represents the brand’s signature, you know, the ‘horses’. And it’s named Finish. No not finish, like I am finished, but the word ‘finish’ is the name of the graphic print.

For those who are interested, this bag comes in two sizes; the small size is measured 22’ x 13’ and it’s priced at $1,125 USD. The large size is measured 16’ x 27’ and it’s priced at $1,300 USD. Available at Hermes e-store.

Just one more quick note, remember the story of Nicole’s Chanel Classic Flap Bag? Remember how her heart sunk when she spotted sand on her bag. The Hermes Finish Beach Bag is made from raw cotton, which is perfect if you want to relax on the beach with no worries, and no need to baby and watch over your bag.

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27 Stylish Beach Bags You Can Match to Your Swimsuit

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When you've got that fashion gene, it's not just about finding the perfect swimsuit. It's about your total beach look — from your bag to your towel, and of course your sandals and your hat. Packing the essentials into a stained canvas tote just won't do. For you, every detail counts. Whether you're a fan of the wicker basket or you prefer the translucent look of neon PVC, you're about to travel to the seaside in style. One scroll through the loud phrases, quirky prints, and pom-pom embellishments below, and you'll know which satchel is just right for your style. Bonus points if you complement it with a matching bikini.

Zara Striped Tote

Monki Vacay Beach Bag With Rope Handle

Picnic Time Hermosa Cooler Tote in Blue 

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Hermes Leopard Beach Bags

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The summer is around the corner and that means…

It’s time to invest in a summer bag – one that is easy, comfortable and immune against the sun. You know that leather bags and the sun are not the best combination, right?

The summer bag needs to fulfill some requirements; starting of with ‘light weighed’, ‘easy-to-clean’, ‘stylish’, ‘distinctive’ (important!), ‘great as a beach bag or for picknick’, ‘doesn’t complain when we go on a city tour’.

We think we got it.

Hermes presents the Leopard Beach Bags in different beautiful colors. The brand is again using artful prints like a leopard with jungle-like plants drawing.

Made from cotton, the handles are very comfortable and the bag extremely durable for carrying all your personal items and summer essentials. It’s a like a luxurious tote bag with its timeless design.

The Hermes Leopard Beach Bags come with a removable pouch inside, it’s available in fuchsia, blue and beige. Priced at $2175 USD via Hermes store.






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