The Minimalist: Baggu Drawstring Bucket Bag

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Baggu Drawstring Bucket Bag

Nothing beats a basic bucket bag. Okay, I should probably say nothing beats a basic bucket bag… with a price that is just right. That is what I love about emerging designers. They have awesome stuff, but they aren’t well-known yet so their prices are insanely reasonable. The Cambridge Satchel Company is an excellent example, although I have noticed their prices have been going up ever since people starting taking notice. But Baggu isn’t quite there yet, so I am super excited to have found the handbag you see here.

Baggu has already been around for 7 years or so, but they still aren’t very well-known. What I love about these handbags most are the simple, almost minimalistic designs. There is just something about simple designs that make even the most inexpensive handbags look super chic. And these handbags are inexpensive alright. The Baggu Drawstring Bucket Bag retails for only $140! That is so hard to believe when it has leather that looks as rich and full of texture as this! This handbag would make a great, basic addition to any collection and it won’t break the bank. Sounds like a great, win-win deal to me!

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