Victoria Beckham Soft Victoria

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victoria_beckham_soft-victoriaThere’s the Victoria, and now, the Soft Victoria, a new offering from S/S13 Victoria Beckham. And from the looks of it, it’s slightly different as compared to the original. For starters, it looks to be more unstructured than the former, for those who prefer their bags slouchy.

And then there’s the addition of the perforated detailing, a piece of laser-cut goatskin that’s then affixed over the calfskin body. I’m assuming the goatskin here forms the outer layer (in white), over the black calfskin body, which only means 2 things really. Firstly, that it will be heavier than the norm, and secondly, it should be pricier than the rest. It’s surprising then that it retails for only USD2950, or around SGD3660 after conversion, which isn’t so bad compared to other luxury designer bags out there today that charge you lots more for a lot less.

Get it online via Bergdorf Goodman, or Cruise Fashion that’s based in the UK, where it’s priced at GBP1750.


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Today I stopped at the Viktoria Beckham Mini Tote twice and kept staring. I said to myself: ‘There’s something there…’

Something to flaunt yes!

I mean, it’s colorful, it’s shining and above all it’s clean and simple…

Don’t be deceived, the exterior might appear to be overly simple, but the interior is as sophisticated as a tote can get and that’s just an iron-clad proof that this bag is worth every penny. I love complex design, take a look at the sides please!

These kind-of-bags is what you really want in your wardrobe because, they have the ‘classic’ look that you need as an everyday accessory.

The interior is well structured and extremely soft, large enough to store and structure your daily essentials. And while the term ‘mini’ is added to the name, this bag is quite roomy, measuring 13.5″ x 10.5″ x 7″ (W x H x D).

For the Spring Summer 2014 Collection, Viktoria Beckham followed the code of fashion; abandon the black and flaunt with bright colors. The Mini tote is available in Ocean Blue or Candy Pink. It’s made from a mix of Buffalo and Calfskin leather with fabric lining and pale gold-tone hardware.

It’s available at Elyse Walker for $2,450 USD.




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Victoria Beckham Victoria In Red

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victoria_beckham_victoria-red-ss13I heart the Victoria, I heart the colour red. Put them both together and you’ve got the S/S13 Victoria Beckham Victoria, in Red. A bag that needs no further introduction on this blog; it’s as elegant and as sublime as Victoria Beckham herself on any given day. Measuring 34 cm by 28 cm, you’ll now find it in this stunning hue on Net-A-Porter at GBP1995.

There’s also another in black, but compared to this one, that’s just like watching David Beckham flex his buttocks on the H&M TVC but not actually being able to touch it.


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There’s just something about a squared, chic and thin bag that comes with a shoulder strap. And it can absolutely not be boring, neither too sophisticated, just give it to me in simple and neat. Celine has never took their trio pouch out of their stock, in fact, they created more variations and colors, like the Celine Solo Trio Cosmetic Pouch, you know.

Then Balenciaga decided to participate, there was still room left in the Jacuzzi and they introduced the Balenciaga Le Dix Triple S Shoulder Bag. Of course, Louis Vuitton needed to join too, that’s why they released the Modul bag (in Damier Canvas) in the beginning of this year.

I am way off topic.

But here is something slightly different, introducing the Victoria Beckham Zip Pouch with Shoulder Strap. It’s a super-cute, grown-up cross body bag and you know what? It’s super thin too.

Painted in the loveliest color, blush pink and crafted from durable materials like calfskin and buffalo leather. The Trio Pouch got three compartments, if that’s too much then surprise. This bag only got two compartments. The shoulder strap can be adjusted and detached – shoulder it at day and turn it into a clutch in the evening.

Measuring 9.5’ x 6.5’ x 0.5’ inches (W x H x D),




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