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chanel_cruise-2015-womens-bags1With Chanel’s Cruise 2015 collection slowly but surely hitting stores, it’s time for a quick update as far as the more unusual bags are concerned. Set in Dubai, the Cruise 2015 collection certainly has many references to the Arab state. Take, for example, thePearl-Shaped Plexiglas Minaudiere, an ode to an ancient industry where pearls were hand-dived in depths of up to 40 metres.

chanel_cruise-2015-womens-bags2Then there’s the wacky Jerrycan Plexiglas Minaudiere, an obvious (and might I add, fun) reference to the oil-rich Gulf state. Measuring some 17.5 cm by 12.5 cm, it’s another one of those did-this-really-happen moments that will live on as a very coveted collectible.

And because Chanel already turned one of its icons, the perfume bottle into a clutch, why not do something with its other iconic classic, the Première watch as well? 15.5 cm by 11.5 cm, it’s designed to look like the timepiece’s face, complete with Chanel’s logo but without its hour or minute hands.

With prices all available upon request (which means you’ll have to head down to find out for yourself), they would make delightful additions to any woman’s wardrobe that already has Chanel-everything-else.

chanel_cruise-2014-womens-bags4Other bits and bobs worth a second look (and a home on your shelf) include the WOCin Alligator, the Small Zipped Boy Chanel Wallet, SGD970 and the Printed Lambskin Case, SGD1390. Then there are the other objects of joy, from the Embellished Metal Ring (SGD440) to that pair of tweed glitter slippers (SGD1430) that I must say are quite gorgeous.

chanel_cruise-2015-womens-bags3Last but by no means least, an actual working jerrycan that’s covered with quilted lambskin leather, complete with a giant CC logo and interlaced leather chains that’s just perfect for picnics at Botanic Gardens. How much you ask? Just SGD8960.

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