Chanel Cruise 2017 Womens Accessories

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Here’s your quick first look at Chanel’s upcoming cha-cha-cha Cruise 2017collection, inspired by Cuba and staged in Havana sometime in May this year. And with just months before the collection hits our sunny shores, a preview is definitely in order. So what’s up first? Well, the accessories, of course. Besides the usual range of jewellery ranging from bracelets to earrings and even pearl-festooned necklaces, you’ll also see lots and lots of brooches inspired by the tropical iconography of the Caribbean.

In other words, brooches in the form of parrots, brooches in the form of palm trees, hey, there’s even a pineapple-shaped brooch that comes adorned with faux pearls, some of which you’ll see above.


One of the key pieces (or at least to me anyway) is this stunning cuff. Swathed in khaki green canvas and covered with more pins, it’s definitely a statement piece of jewellery, filled with fun tropical nuances including an avocado with a CC logo on it.


Last but not least, here’s how a typical pearl necklace from the season will look like, decorated with multi-coloured daisies in the most tropical of summer hues. More updates to come, including bags and SLGs, I promise, so do stay tuned! 

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Shop Gucci Bags, Shoes and Accessories in an Exclusive Floral Print via

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Proof the Prettiest Street Style Accessories Were at Paris Fashion Week

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Paris Fashion Week has wrapped! And while you might've expected the same statement-making bags and shoes that roamed the streets of New York, London, and Milan, we've got a delightful surprise. It seems like the editors, bloggers, and stars packed the best accessories in their last suitcase — the one headed to France. Read on to see the fringe-finished heels and quirky, look-at-me bags that really made us stop and stare. One thing's for sure: Fashion Month went out with a bang thanks to PFW.

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You're About to Obsess Over NYFW's Best Street Style Accessories

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As our favorite street style stars made their way to the shows at New York Fashion Week, we admired their perfectly coordinated looks. But it was their quirky clutches, neckerchiefs, sunglasses, and shoes — oh, the shoes — that really made us swoon.

Zooming in on the little details is what inspires us to shop for the latest It accessories as we gear up for Fall. Read on to see this season's colorful, traffic-stopping add-ons that industry insiders and fashion bloggers flaunted with pride — and likely Instagrammed before they even leave the house. Then check back here as we hop over the pond to London, in search of even more need-now bags, shoes, and baubles.

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BVLGARI Bulgari 2016 spring and summer accessories released

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Bulgari 2016 spring and summer accessories and unique, full of modern flavor, with bold new interpretation of the concept of the brand’s iconic style and detail.

Bulgari’s iconic Serpenti series is still the most popular, which is characterized by enamel material smugglers buckle. In this season works, designers with a unique way to make this series unique mosaic smugglers fresh air.


Bulgari Bulgari family to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the launch, Bulgari launched a new dimension to the classic series of works, and the new two-color leather, a more modern “Perspicio” snap highlight fashion brand details.

Bulgari designers draw inspiration from the gorgeous gemstone variety of colors in order to show the King prosperity spring: pink and lemon yellow to show vitality, ice cream and purple color representative of soothing mood. The new series of works full of yellow water crystal, red coral, turquoise, tourmaline and white agate and other colors, eye-catching. Gold, silver, copper and other metals and gems competing Zheng-Hui, the perfect match Bulgari jewelry design in precious metals and gems, most vividly.

From the past to the present, on behalf of countless women to become the favorite goddess of Bulgari. Bulgari women have many levels: her strong mature, modern and charming. Whatever the mood and trends change, Bulgari unparalleled quality, representative of traditional Italian craftsmanship, always captivating. Bulgari has a long history, and always with the times, interpretation of the famous style.


Bvlgari Serpenti Forever series clamshell Bag

Since the forties, as a snake full of wisdom and strength legendary totem, carved into the Bulgari heritage, aesthetics and achievements among the implication of immortality and rebirth. As a rich source of inspiration for the Bulgari without a break, the new season of the series of flip Serpenti Forever Bag brings full of joy citrine, coral, turquoise, color choice tourmaline, white agate. Under the bold use of color and unique collision process, these new colors make the serpentine pattern of craftsmanship Woon life. As this series name eternal meaning, flexible calfskin and as works of art as it is combined with three-dimensional serpentine pattern never get tired, even more modern in the classic.

The Serpenti Scaglie Gems handbags series is inlaid with black onyx studs, the hardest gem, highlighting its powerful charm gas field. Each Zhen expensive rare onyx studs are inlaid with gold border, and then subtly embedded in the leather of the cracks.


Bvlgari Serpenti Scaglie handbags

In jewelry design, coral and turquoise is a symbol of Bulgari. After years of experience, full of unique design and shape them into platinum and rose gold perfect match. And when they encounter pearl skin, coral and turquoise that a strong sense of style with precious pearl skin radial texture, Bulgari has used its unique traditional technology products given a new breakthrough.

Snake scales element is also Serpenti Scaglie handbags highlights, as if at any time the wearer will not become obsolete. When the spring breeze brings warmth, charming Scaglie handbag with detachable leather shoulder strap and folding handle, its compact size, can be installed under a daily essential items. In addition to practical addition, each scale on the handle through delicate metal structures stacked layers, unique conspicuous. At first glance, the scales seem to be tough to put petals, unique. New season handbags are the perfect outfit still products.

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Gifts For Men: Father’s Day Special With The Best Accessories

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If your hubby or boyfriend is a daddy too, then you should take him into account as well when you are looking for the best gifts for men because they deserve to be spoiled from time to time too! And here are more gift ideas for men you can check out.

We women can make the men in our lives look better, more fashionable and more stylish and we should take advantage of that power we have. After all, what says “I love you” more than wanting them to be the best version of themselves?

Gifts For Men – Best Accessories Picks!

Since some of these gifts for men are replicas, I strongly recommend you to place your order as soon as possible just to make sure it will arrive on time.

Man Purse Funny

Man Purse – Seinfeld and Joey from Friends

Replica bags – Why not? Even if your father is the conventional type and thinks that wearing a bag is too fashion-forward for him (remember Seinfeld’s man purse or Joey’s bag in Friends?), he still needs a practical travel bag or a work bag. I wouldn’t recommend monogrammed replica bags for the more conservative men, but they’re a great choice for fashionable young dads. Carry-ons, duffle bags, suitcases, briefcases and messenger bags are all very practical and I wouldn’t rule out a grown-up backpack for the modern man either. Bags are really good gifts for men, not just for women!

Replica Louis Vuitton Taiga Leather Mens Bag

Replica Louis Vuitton Alexander Taiga Leather Bag

Replica designer mens wallets and card holders are also a great choice because wallets are the one accessory all men need. There are plenty of options here and quite affordable too but if I were to think of a brand it would have to be Gucci. I would recommend buying a leather wallet or card holder because it’s more classic and elegant than a canvas wallet.

Replica Designer Mens Wallets Gucci Leather Wallet

Replica Designer Mens Wallets – Gucci Interlocking G Bi-fold Wallet

Card holders are especially great in the summertime when the number of available pockets is limited. Plus, it’s not bulgy at all and it’s really practical.

Other options you can find as replicas and that makes great gifts for men are luxury pens, high-end luxury cufflinks and belts. The only reason why I’m not recommending replica shoes too is because it’s riskier and pretty complicated to choose the right size. And then you would have to return them all the way to China and you could miss giving your Father’s Day gift on time. Still, I feel like belts or pens are a bit too impersonal, so I would recommend them only if they are not the main gift.

Replica Cufflinks Gifts For Men

Gift Ideas For Men – Luxury Replica Cufflinks

Classic Sunglasses And The Best Watches For Men – Fathers want to look cool too!

Sunglasses are both a useful and stylish gift for men. Choose classic shades that are timeless, like Ray Ban Wayfarers or Cartier aviator sunglasses. Dads want to look cool too even if they don’t always admit it! But they need us to choose the perfect pair.

Ray Ban Replica Sunglasses

Gifts For Men: Designer Replica Sunglasses

While wallets are the most practical gifts for men, watches are an accessory almost every man appreciates, especially if it comes from a brand like Rolex. If you’re looking for the best watches for men, I think that Swiss quality copy watches are the way to go. They are quite expensive though but don’t worry, you’ll find much more affordable options too. But if you don’t want to buy a replica watch, there’s always brands like Seiko, Casio or Citizen that are also good but more budget-friendly than Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega or Breitling.

Best Watches For Men - Rolex Cellini Replica

Best Watches For Men – Choose Something Classic

Just like with all the other accessories, I think that classic is the way to go. So it’s either a metallic bracelet or a leather bracelet. The only exception is if you know for sure your father would appreciate a sport watch or a smartwatch more.

There are many other gifts for men that are perfect for Father’s Day but since this blog is about replica bags and accessories, I decided to revolve my Father’s Day gift ideas around them.

As you can see, there are actually plenty of gifts for men for every budget and for all ages. You just need to determine your budget first and think about the man you’re buying the gift for. Think traditional vs modern, elegant vs casual and always take functionality into account because men appreciate practical gifts.

Hey, leave it to someone else to buy him a barbecue tool set or a tech gadget. If it’s fashion what you’re best at, this is the perfect time to use it to your advantage…and his!

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