50 Bag-Porn Shots Guaranteed to Make You Drool

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Most women can claim to have at least one purse they tote around everywhere. Whether it's a tiny shoulder bag or an oversize tote, having someplace to stash your stuff is not just practical, it's essential. But for some women, a handbag is much more than just a receptacle — it is a statement piece.

For anyone who covets high-end handbags, the best places to turn to for inspiration are yourfavorite fashion bloggers. With an arsenal of drool-worthy bags at their disposal, they offer some undeniably dreamy purse porn. So whether you're working on your own purse collection or you just like to look, read on, because these 50 gorgeous snapshots won't disappoint.

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50 Gorgeous Gifts For the Handbag Obsessed

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Sometimes the best gifts are the most obvious. If she's a bag-lover, take the hint. Armed with 50 of our editors' picks, you'll have plenty of options to choose from. Something that speaks to the bohemian, the classicist, or the trendsetter — it's all inside. Just keep reading to find something special for her — or yourself! — right here.

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