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Attention to all Longchamp lovers, or to all the Le Pliage addicts. We learned to appreciate the impeccable quality of this brand and we love the decent price tags hanging on their accessories. Presenting the Longchamp 3D Bag.

It’s a designer brand I tell you, comparable to Chanel or Celine. You see, you don’t just buy a Chanel bag to ‘a friend’, it must either be one of your BFF’s or your close relatives to earn something this expensive. But because you don’t want to disappoint your friend, and you know by nature that she has an incurable bag addiction, perhaps the Longchamp 3D bag can satisfy her hunger.

Or you can always buy it for yourself, something being a little bit ‘selfie’ doesn’t hurt anyone, right? Anyway, Winni for example, remember her story; ‘Shopping Guide in Europe’, she had a list of bags to buy for all her friends and relatives, which of course, included one of Longchamp’s most desirable tote bags – the Le Pliage Neo.

Now, let’s talk business. The Longchamp 3D Bag is a new addition, it’s a casual bag with a touch of chic, we can carry it to our work just like an everyday bag. The size is large enough to fit all your daily essentials, documents and even your MAC book pro, just perfect.

Because it’s a versatile bag that can be carried in your hand or your shoulder, it can company you while you’re busy doing your thing, you know – shopping spree time.

The design blends modernity with love of symmetry, it uses modern edges and contrasting finishes to create a three-dimensional effect (which is why its called a 3D bag). Measuring 15’ x 12’ x 5,5’ inches,

Available in different lovely colors.






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