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Ahoy, ladies! Today, we’re giving you Part 2 of our Chanel Cruise 2016 Ad Campaign, which we’re dying to show you. For Part 1, you can click on the link below and see more of the brand’s latest offerings.

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Fresh-faced and youthful, these models are out to give the Cruise 2016 collection a different take – out in the woods, with a brightly-lit facade and adorable flap bags in tow. We also admire how flowy their costumes are and how these girls seem to be in character.



Oohhh, and talking about flap bags, what do we have here? A multicolored spectacle? Yes, you’re not seeing double alright.



It’s all about the bling, hun! You know, we’re not so sure why we’re drawn to all the glitz and glamor of embellishments…but hey, they really are quite a joy to look at. Quite a preparation, you’d say. And with bags, they look even better. Look at the wardrobe they have in store for the shoot, though – it’s hard to choose!


Another beautiful flap bag…it’s always nice to see one.

What do you think about Chanel’s Cruise 2016 Ad Campaign? Well, comment now and let your thoughts be heard!


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Shortly after we dropped a review about the Louis Vuitton Lockme II bag, Adrena sent us this message: ‘It resembles the Saint Laurent Moujik Bag, can you do a comparison?’

And yes, we want to.

So we took an image of the ’Lockme 2 Bag’ and the ‘Moujik Bag’. We compared the looks:

One large obvious difference is the front flap. The Lockme2 Bag has a larger flap while the Moujik Bag’s flap doesn’t even cover 50% of the front.

But there are also similarities – the luggage tag, the leather strap, the shape is not entirely the same but it’s close to. And both of the top handles are connected to the bag with eyelets.

Another obvious different is the LV closure on the front, while the Saint Laurent bag logo is printed very small on the flap.



The interior is also quite interesting. Both have two roomy compartments, one large and one small. The Moujik Bag has one more internal slot pocket while the Lockme 2 Bag has 1 inside pocket, 2 smartphone pockets.

On the exterior, the Moujik Bag features one back slot pocket.

If you take a closer look, there is one hidden difference that makes the Lockme 2 Bag quite interesting. It’s the 2 press buttons on the sides of the bag. These buttons are made to expand or tighten the bag depending on how much essentials you’re carrying. It makes the bag more comfortable to carry as its flexible and you can adjust to your needs.

The Saint Laurent Moujik Bag has been around longer than the Lockme 2 Bag, and furthermore, the Lockme 2 Bag is the upgrade and modernized version of the Lockme Bag.

About the Sizes & Prices:

Saint Laurent Medium Moujik Bag
Measuring: 12.1 x 9.4 x 5.5 inches
Price: $2490 USD

Louis Vuitton Lockme 2 Bag
Measuring: 11 x 7.9 x 4.3 inches
Price: $2910 USD

Conclusion: the Saint Laurent Moujik Bag has a longer history and its larger in size, and cheaper. The Louis Vuitton Lockme 2 Bag is quite new, but it has more interesting functions and features, it’s smaller and a bit more expensive.

Honestly, which one would you choose?

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