PurseForum Roundup – December 5

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Christmas Card

December! Let’s get right to our first PurseForum Roundup of this month. Now that Thanksgiving is over, we can finally take the tPf Christmas decorations out of storage. We dropped into Relationships and Family because this is a busy time of year for “issues,” and we also buzzed into a few designer forums to find some terrific reveals. Grab a cup of something and join us!

Mulberry Bayswater Bag

As we have touched on this before, ’tis the season for family drama. Relationships are put through their paces as holiday gatherings and winter weather take their toll. In our members-only Relationships and Family subforum, we tease out solutions to these inevitable dilemmas. This week, we discussed Christmas Dinner trouble, what to do when someone close to you has just ended a long-term relationship and a non-spendy spouse. Our members set aside their fashionista hats and dig deep to help one another, and we always walk away from R&F feeling a little bit wiser.

Health and Fitness is another pillar of our Body-Mind-Wellness section, and this week we are discussing anxiety, stress and the dreaded, anxiety-and-stress-producing mammogram call-back. 

You are probably thinking, What’s with the Mulberry? Well, we found this surprise in another non-fashion related thread. Fluffybee made the best of a recent forum “rest period” by shopping! Visit this thread to see what else our members did to keep busy. (Hint: the Mulberry Sale thread.)

Christmas Ornaments

It’s time! The tPF Christmas Tree Thread has been bumped to page one in Home and Garden. We love this inspiring thread, in which we combine our love of peeking into our members’ living rooms with our love of all things holiday-related.

This shimmering pile of ornaments comes to us from Lovethatduck, whose stunning decorations have kicked off this season’s posts quite nicely indeed. We will be paying regular visits to this thread all month long, and we’d love to see your tree added. You can enjoy more of LovethatDucks decorations in this thread, too.

Oil Pastels

While we were out and about, we dropped into Arts And Crafts and found this interesting thread, which we will definitely be visiting again. Watch GhstDreamer as she takes a Blythe doll from nice to extraordinary using simple pastels and incredible talent. This is one of those threads that illustrates that you just never know what you will find on the PurseForum.

Christmas Card

Can you guess where we found this? Nope, not the Christmas Tree Thread; we found it inChristian Louboutin, of all places. We love to stumble on the unexpected when we are browsing the PurseForum, and how cute is this? How perfect are betty.lee’s leopard So Kates–absolutely perfect, right? Of course we have a thread dedicated to this wonderful shoe, and you can see more So Kates right here.

Blue Shoes

We keep checking the Aminah Abdul Jilil Bow Heels thread in the Glass Slipper–this statement shoe seems to be fascinating some folks but turning them off in the comfort department. But this week, look what we found–flats in glorious royal blue! Yakusoku.af stole the shoe show in these when she paired them with her adorable leggings! Drop into theGlass Slipper to see what else our shoe-loving members have been picking up this month.

Chloe Paraty Bag

Let’s do some quick reveals from around the Forum. First up, Chloé, where we found this lovely Paraty in a cranberry red that’s just perfect for the season. This new bag found a home with Ebonynoir, and we’re a bit smitten. Excellent choice for a first Chloé.


We were going to focus next on bag reveals, but in Nail Care we found the Secret Snowflake Reveal thread in full swing and found ourselves totally engrossed in Niki828′s reveal–all we can say is WOW. Her Secret Snowflake certainly went all-out, and we had to share. Our members love to give to one another, and you will find these threads scattered around the forum.

Bottega Veneta Tote

Did you gasp? You just know that this Bottega Veneta smells delicious, right? And feels like heaven. Sigh. This splendid bag is happily at home with Manolos21, who stopped the show (and our hearts) with this, her very first BV. Visit more of her amazing and growing collection here.

Celine Trio Pink Bag

We strolled over to Céline to see if we could find any Trios, which is our little bag obsession of the moment, and just look what popped up in LOUKPEACH’s reveal. What a color! Visit the thread for more pictures, and while you are in Céline, visit the Trio thread for more about our new favorite bag, including this beautiful blue one that is topping our wish lists at the moment.

That wraps up the Roundup this week. We had a lot of fun dropping into threads on a whim and hope you will do the same. There is something interesting in every subforum, and we look forward to seeing you there. Stay warm and safe this week, dear friends, and be sure to drop by next Friday for another romp through the PurseForum.

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